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I connect deeply with people to help them find & feed their own light and vitality. I combine the two sciences of Yoga and TCM to offer practical and transformational tools to multidimensional healing & well-being. 




Accueil: Bienvenue
You are welcome here.

Hi, my name is Lucile. I am a Yoga teacher and TCM practitioner based in Marseille. I teach Yoga asana, in studio & corporate settings, on retreats or in private. My teaching is a combination of classical Hatha & Vinyasa practices and Meridian Yoga Therapy based on TCM's meridian system. I also teach a method called Vibhava Yoga©, making Yoga accessible to everyone.

I offer individual treatments in person in two locations in Marseille, using different TCM healing modalities to help people heal and improve their quality of life.

I believe these powerful ancient practices need to be accessible to all, to which I contribute by sharing wholeheartedly what I know. My hope is that every courageous human finds practices to help them cultivate compassion towards themselves and others.

Read what others have to say about their experience.

"Being quite inexperienced with Yoga, I was a bit scared that I would not be able to follow along. Lucile did an amazing job at explaining every movement smoothly, making it an extremely (sweaty) enjoyable class! Would 100% recommend to anyone."

— Olivia

"J'ai fait ma première séance d'acupression avec Lucile récemment. Je suis arrivé anxieux et rigide et au bout d'une première séance je me sens déjà plus fluide et léger. Lucile a su à la fois m'écouter et me soulager par ses compétences, bravo à elle, je recommande ses services!"

— Matthew

Dedicated, precise and gentle, Lucile provides an incredible holistic treatment mixing various methods. She was of great help with my back issues and my anxiety. I would 100% recommend this experience !

— Camille

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