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Online classes

I offer a variety of online classes ranging from foundational classes such as the Classic 26, to challenging vinyasas, to Meridian Yoga sequences, to soothing pranayama and meridian circuit body scan sessions. Below you can find a short explanation about all different classes and practices. Make sure to read the description of the class on the schedule before signing up.

How does it work?

In order to reach to all my friends around the world, I teach at various hours of the day, meaning there is an option for everyone! All classes are taught live on Zoom. They are recorded and a link to the replay will be sent afterwards, meaning you can practice up to 72h after airing time. In an effort to make the classes financially accessible, I offer a sliding scale payment system, meaning you can determine how much you can pay (which may change from one week to another). If you are able to pay full price, please be honest and do so. That way you can support others with lesser financial means and I can show up honouring my time, education and worth. Thank you!

Class descriptions

Not sure of what class will fit your needs? Here's what to expect.

Classic 26

This is a set sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises from the Gosh lineage, popularised in the West by his student & world-famous teacher Bikram. It is the same sequence practiced in hot yoga, but practicing without heat will still give you the benefits of precise alignment, healing the spine and organs as well as strengthening especially your whole backside body. Its classical Hatha postures will give you a solid foundation that you can return to anytime for a complete, well-rounded practice. The aim is to come in and out of the postures as efficiently as possible and find stillness in between. This will bring awareness to unnecessary, parasite movements and help you cultivate tremendous focus.

Integral Vinyasa 
Find all the different practices I offer in one place. This class is what is closest to my own personal practice: a blend of dynamic Vinyasa, classical Hatha postures, Meridian Yoga, pranayama and maybe some chanting. It has a new theme each week to keep things fresh and to cultivate your curiosity.

MYT Official Sequence

This is a set sequence of Meridian Yoga Therapy created by Rose Erin Vaughan, founder of Science of Self Yoga. It starts with meridian activations including slapping method and meridian stretches, then proceeds to classical asanas which target all 12 meridians, punctuated by acupressure point stimulation to help deepen the postures and concentrate. By visualising the meridians, we bring awareness to them and naturally restore the free flow of Qi responsible for harmony in body and spirit.

Meridian Exploration

If you're into the MYT sequence and want to deepen that knowledge about a specific meridian, you will love this 90 min class. Each week after a thorough warm up, we’ll explore a new pair of meridians through a rigorous (but accessible) asana practice. All meridians pertain to one of the 12 organs and their respective functions, emotions, related sensory organs and more. Practicing with a specific meridian in mind, we are able to reveal and regulate the emotions each meridian governs. The longer format will give us time to learn about the meridians, some common points, all while practicing asana with some longer holds.

Pranayama & MYT Body Scan

Do you even know how to breathe? Sadly, most people are never taught the anatomy of breathing, or how to use it as a tool to feel grounded and present in every moment. By paying attention to your breath more often, you can feel immense and immediate benefits and overtime gain mastery over it. Come check in with your breath and learn the art of Pranayama meaning breath extension or control. We'll be practicing some fundamental techniques accessible and beneficial to all. 

Once a steady breath is established, we'll go through a detailed 15 min body scan following the meridian circuit of the body. This visualisation-based meditation will, in a safe setting, help you connect your extremities, the most conscious parts of your body, to your organs, the deepest least conscious parts. Leave with a feeling of wholeness and complete awareness. 

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